Aspects to Enlighten You What Happens When You Experience an I-526 Denial

11 Feb

In foreign countries, EB5 immigration visa is most common that is for the individuals that are demanding to relocate to the USA. Due to the changes and strict regulations that have been implemented recently has to lead to most of the EB5 programs to experience I-526 denials, causing an increase in dilemma to numerous investors. Know that the I 526 petition processing time that your immigration lawyer files do show that you as an investor you have filed or you are in the course or has by now invested the demanded amount lawful resources in a satisfactory EB-5 project.

In most cases, denials are lead by a lack of enough evidence that one has the source of funds. If you find yourself in a situation of I-526 denial, you should have an idea of what to do, continue reading this article to be well informed. With the below aspects, you will be in a better place of dealing with your I-526 denial. Upon your I-526 denial, you will get a notice; the Federal Register does take a period of about 5 to 10 months, you will get a letter that is a written notice that offers you information of why you I-526 was denied. The USCIS will also get to provide you with a notice asking you to provide more evidence or even enlighten you on more factors that has lead to the I-526 denial.

In this case, when an I-526 denial faces you, you have the following options. First and foremost, you should think about appealing the decision. You can file an appeal as an investor, which is requesting a motion to reopen your case and reconsider the petition. In this case, the body that will handle your case will be the Administrative Appeals Office abbreviated as AAO. You will be required to offer evidence that was formerly not available. You can also file a grievance with the federal court, and it is also an excellent option to consider. Getting help from the federal court happens to be the most opted option by many of the investors that are faced by I-526 denials.

That is more expensive than any other option, but the pro side is that there is a high success rate.The last option you can consider is filing a new I-526 application. What leads many to choose this option is because investors will have the opportunity to hunt other immigration pathways to get permanent residency in the United States.

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